3.5 Qt Dutch Oven - Smithey

Inspired by the best of vintage cast iron design, our 3.5 QT Dutch Oven is designed to be a timeless classic tin your kitchen. Great for everything from soups and stews to braised meats, cast iron bread, and so much more. Featuring the only fully polished cast iron interior on the market today, this Dutch oven is naturally non-stick, easy to clean, and will never stain or chip - in fact, the interior surface will only get better with use. Engineered to maintain even and consistent heat, this Dutch Oven is perfect for main courses for 2-4 people as well as sides of every variety. Use it well.


Volume: 3.5 Qt

Depth: 4"

Handle to handle: 12.2"

Total height: ~7"

Weight (with lid): +/- 12.1 lbs

Weight (pot only): +/- 8.1 lbs