Soap - Wild Lather Soap

12 Apostles

Inspired by sunset at the 12 Apostles limestone rock formations off Australia's Great Ocean Road, the wild harvested alkanet root in this triangle makes the color ever-changing, turning from a deep shade of lavender to dusty rose over time

This is our sweetest and most floral triangle with notes of wild lavender, vibrant bergamot, bright, organic lemon, and a touch of organic geranium.

Call Me by Your Name

Layers of juicy citrus will energize while a touch of smoky vetiver grounds. Mindfully swirled with gently exfoliating pink kaolin clay, vibrant, cold pressed bergamot, ripe, cold pressed organic sweet orange, leafy-green petitgrain essential oil, and resinous vetiver. This one's for the citrus lovers ♡


Herbaceous, organic lemongrass and sweet, cold pressed red mandarin swirl with Japanese hinoki cypress, warm, organic black pepper, and organic cedarwood to create an ethereal scent and bathing experience ~ reminiscent of a citron-steeped onsen bath during Japan's cold winters. Antioxidant-rich turmeric root and bright, ground yuzu peel combine to bring gentle exfoliation and energetic warmth ~ breathe deeply

 Milford Sound

Inspired by New Zealand's glacier-carved fiords, this foresty activated bamboo charcoal triangle will wake and refresh while drawing impurities from the skin

With notes of frosted conifer and herbal tea, Milford Sound's cooling essential oil blend of organic peppermint leaf, wild grown lavender, and deep green, organic cypress leaf will contrast the steam from your bath like a geothermal hot spring in the winter

Sun Milk

This sunny herbal offering was dreamt up during a time that current events left us craving comfort, familiarity, and nourishment. We were drawn toward two plants in particular ~ milky oats + calendula. Energetically, this duo feels like dusk on a warm, breezy day. Physically, the combination can calm, heal, and soothe tired skin ~ something we often face in cold climates or dry winters

This is our first essential-oil-free triangle ~ made for extra sensitive skin and times. However, the soap has a beautiful, subtle aroma. It's soft, sweet, and grassy. A combination of our creamy base oils and milky oats solar infusion. We hope you enjoy this gentle offering ♡

Byron Bay

Close your eyes and allow the steam from your bath to swirl around notes of soft palo santo, citrus pulp, and sun bleached wood. This triangle is made with a touch of indigo leaf and steam-distilled essential oils of sweet, red mandarin, responsibly harvested palo santo, and ethereal, organic frankincense resin. Breathe deeply ~


Inspired by an intimate omotenashi tea cafe in Osaka, Japan ~ this meditative triangle will fill your bathing space with resinous notes of lemon tea, smoked sage, and matcha. Wild grown frankincense resin, herbaceous organic sage, fragrant wild lavender, and organic cypress leaf swirl to offer a grounding, meditative bathing experience ~ breathe deeply~


We teamed up with Lauren's All Purpose to turn her coveted salve into a soap! We combined the soothing, organic plant oils in both Lauren's All Purpose Salve and our soap for the ultimate creamy, multi-use bathing experience ~

Lather up and allow the steam in your bath to swirl around Lauren's well-loved essential oil blend of wild lavender, organic peppermint, and grounding patchouli. Massage the lather into your skin to gently cleanse and deeply nourish. A little goes a long way. This multi-use triangle is great for full-body bathing and shaving. Breathe deeply, friend ♡